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Tommy's Birthday Bashed- My first short story with illustration

Tommy was a greedy little boy. He always plotted to trick other boys to get his work done.

One fine day, he recollected that his birthday was nearing but he didn't want to spend a penny to throw a party for his friends. And so, he made up an
evil plan to trick his friends into throwing him a birthday bash.

Finally his birthday arrived. In happy anticipation,
Tommy casually walked through the main door of his house, into the living room. To his surprise, none of his friends showed up.

Hearing the door open, Tommy's Mom entered from the kitchen to see her son's angry face.
He confessed to her about his greedy plot. Fed up with his Mother's nagging to apologize to his friends, he agreed to do so. To his disbelief, things turned around  after apologising and he ended up having a wonderful birthday! Tommy learned his lesson and decided to never trick his friends again and lived happily ever after!

p.s: This story is intentionally made to sound child-like.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Anu's CookBook- Flowery Art

Here are my magical ingredients: 
1. Curly lines that look like fallen out hair on the floor.
2. Bulby black thingys attached to the ends of the hair.
3. An unshapely arrow mark.
4. Thinning stems with unattached tiny leaves.
5. Buds in their visual yin-yang phase.
6. Leaves come out of a paper shredder.

Voila! You have flowery art!
 Didn't think so :P 

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Jai Ho? Hey Ho!